House of Tara

Looking inwards has always been one of our core strengths, as much as taking bold new approaches to solving unique problems. We employed these key values to help reposition the House of Tara online presence as it sets out to expand it's business to Africa and the worldwide beauty market.

The company was going through a restructuring internally and it needed a group website to help deliver a clear and concise message to the industry while showcasing the core businesses as individual gears within a bigger engine. We were commissioned by our partner company ITSI to champion this repositioning, this resulted in four unique websites each speaking specifically to a different beauty niche.

House of Tara Corporate Website, home page banner
House of Tara has a very strong empowerment and networking culture
House of Tara Corporate website, media section houses a multimedia assortment of information
House of Tara Colour Burst Campaign
Make-up School Website allows prospective students register straight from the website
Beauty Reps 100Voices aimed to empower and motivate reps to become better
Beauty Rep Website home page
Interactive Branch Locator allows site visitors view all House of Tara branches at a glance and get directions using google maps
Store website features a modern full width banners

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