The Eclectic 21 Project is an artistic showpiece of Sound Poetry - Poetry As Performance with music accompaniment, drama, choreography etc. We were approached by the Eclectic21 team to help redesign their brand and deploy accompanying website which resonates with the eclectic nature of the brand. A social angle was integrated to allow veteran or upcoming poets post short snippets of their work on the website, readers can like and comment on poems.

Eclectic 21 website is conceived to complement the poems, focusing on the text and imagery to convey the desired information
Poets can upload short snippets of their works, which can then be like and commented on by readers
The Eclectic 21 brand is a redesign of the previous logo with a cursive touch. It works to align the business with the creative in a developing industry
Eclectic 21 hosted mothers for the yearly Yeye Iya nii Wura cabaret
Dele Dipe of Eclectic 21 on stage at Bogobiri
A well rounded experience was the task

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